In Conversation – Caroline Clark – RMCSC

RMCSC provides an efficient, high quality compliance consultancy service that helps insolvency practitioners meet the high professional standards that are a requirement of the insolvency profession…..

In Conversation – Nick Watson Keystone Law

Prior to joining Keystone Law Nick Watson worked in house at Control Risks, a global risk consultancy committed to helping clients build organisations that are secure…..

ICC & LCIA International Arbitration in 2021

Changes made by the LCIA and ICC broadly follow the same patterns. Indeed, many of the ICC’s new rules (in force as of 1 January 2021) directly overlap with the LCIA’s October 2020 revisions…..

UK bioplastic company action against the EU

Symphony’s d2w technology is oxo-biodegradable, and causes ordinary plastic to degrade by oxidation in the open environment and then to biodegrade in the same way as nature’s wastes…..

Personal Guarantees – Options for guarantors

There are two types of guarantee: those creating a primary obligation and those creating a secondary obligation. A primary obligation imposes an obligation on the guarantor…..

No-deal Brexit: The outlook for dispute resolution

The principal risk associated with the UK’s exit is the possibility of parallel litigation. Where a case is pursued simultaneously in the UK and in an EU Member State court




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